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        Big marketing

        For small businesses

        Most agencies are on the hunt for the next big client. Not us, we do big marketing for small businesses, like you. When you’re ready to grow your lol, small business, we’re here to help. Let’s chat.


        These days lol businesses, like us, are looking back on two rough years with immense appreciation for our neighbours.

        We’re a boutique agency built to deliver results for Nova Scotia, small businesses.

        We help you harness the power of the internet to grow your business. That includes building powerful websites, managing social media, sending brilliant email mpaigns, developing ptivating digital ads, and helping to make the digital world more accessible.?

        Start with a made-in-Nova Scotia plan to get you on track to grow your business.

        We make sense of it all and we make it easy. Let’s build your plan together.

        We send emails that deliver

        We drive real results with email marketing. Email marketing is a highly effective way for small businesses to reach their actual customers and increase sales while building loyalty.

        Digital Ads uncomplited

        With multiple platforms, complex stats, and difficult design tools – advertising online n feel mind boggling. That’s why we offer something simpler. Let us do the heavy lifting.

        A Year of Free Marketing Tips

        Sign up for our monthly newsletter and and we’ll also send you an email a week for a year. Each week will include one practil, actionable small business marketing tip specifilly meant for Atlantic nadian small businesses

        "With the onset of COVID-19, we wanted to stay open and to stay safe so we had to pivot. Scott made it possible strategilly, technologilly, and effectively."
        Steve Maly
        The Other Bean Sandwich Shop

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